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6 Teacher New Year Resolutions4 min read

It’s almost the New Year!

The New Year is a fresh start, and as a teacher, a chance to reflect on where you’re at and think about how you can get better at what you do. This year, I am going to focus on 6 things to improve my work in the classroom, and hopefully become a better teacher for my students.

I hope this video can give you or someone you know some ideas or inspiration to continue to refine the art of teaching.

And if you just want to read right now, here is an outline for the video above:

It’s a new year and another opportunity to become a better teacher.

Here are 6 resolutions I am making this year to become a less-stressed, joyful, and all around better teacher.

    1. Call Parents More With Good News

    1. So easy to focus on bad stuff- and those times are most often why I’ve made calls home in the past

    2. But calls home with good news are so much more powerful

    3. Your some Finally nailed this math problem

    4. Helped me clean up when everyone left

    5. Your daughter raised her hand to answer a question for the first time today

    6. Parents always want to hear good news about their kid And that news always makes its way back to the kid. Which always makes its way back into the classroom.

      2. Connect More With Colleagues

      1. Teaching can feel like I’m working on an island.Can go days without seeing colleagues who work next door to me. This year I Want to connect more w/ other teachers

        1. Collaborate on projects,

        2. share data and strategies to help students,

        3. observe them in action

        4. but maybe more than anything- give encouragement. This work can wear you down, and I want to do better at lifting my colleagues up

      3. Complain less

      1. I don’t get paid enough,

      2. My principal’s a jerk,

      3. I hate testing,

      4. These kids are driving me crazy!

      5. I find myself complaining too much, and even though my complaints are sometimes valid , complaining only brings me down and lose sight of the joy in my work

      6. So I want to focus more on the positive parts of teaching, less on the stuff that’s out of my hands, and work on fixing the things that are in my control,

      7. Likke attacking the pile of papers waiting to be graded

      8. I will not complain. I will not complain

              4. Be Better at Grading

    1. Speaking of grading. Need to work on not letting that pile get so huge

    2. Getting bogged down with grading stresses me out, and so this in this new year I’m dedicating 10 minutes of every planning period to grading. Maybe that won’t be enough and I will have to bring more home, but it’s a place to start.

    3. And the Lord knows I need to start somewhere

              5. Embrace Failure

    1. So much about loving teaching is about having a positive growth mindset. Instead of seeing failure as defeat, viewing it as a chance to grow.

    2. When all of my students tank a test, instead of beating myself up, figuring out how I can go back and help them understand what they missed. Or what I missed

    3. When that one student who was doing so well takes a big step back, not giving up, but trying to meet them where they’re at and helping them get back on track

    4. Or this is a big one for me- when I have a bad day,

    5. Which is inevitable,

    6. and feeling like my teaching sucked and I would be better off to work on crab boat in Alaska or be that guy who rakes beaches at tropical resorts,

    7. remember that bad days happen, and that tomorrow will be a brand new one

         6. Have more fun

    1. I want to have more fun this year

    2. Play louder music when students come into my room

    3. Plan more epic projects

    4. Surprise my students with donuts

    5. Volunteer to act ridiculous in school assemblies

    6. If you’re having fun, students are too, So I’m going to make this year more fun than the last.

    7. And in the process love my job more, which will probably make me better at it

Have a great New Year!

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