My Letter to Parents, Students, Admins, and Teachers Before Spring Break2 min read

Dear parents,

during Spring Break, I will not respond to emails.

Yes, I know you’re worried about your child passing this semester, and so am I. As a matter of fact, I worry about that all the time and I’m with you, I really want him to succeed.

But I’m not going to worry about it for the next 7 days. I need a break from that. So if you send me an email, expect an auto-response, and know that I’ll get back to you when I get back to school.

Dear students,

I will not give you homework of any kind over Spring Break. You’ve worked hard for and with me this year, and you need a break. So take one, and spend this time resting, and playing, and creating, and reading, and hanging out with friends, and not thinking about English class.

Unless of course you’re that kid who’s mom will email me while I’m lying on a beach. The you might have some work to do over Spring Break.

Dear administrators,

Please give your teachers the whole break off. Encourage them to setup auto responses in their emails, to not grade papers, plan curriculum, or come into school over the break. A lot of the teachers I know need permission to rest, but all of them need it. So maybe you could give them that permission.

And dear teachers,

let Spring Break be a break. Spend time with family, go on a trip, read a novel, don’t check your email! Sleep in late, eat good food, and don’t think about school for a few days.

Of course we love teaching, otherwise we wouldn’t’ do it. But you have worked hard this year, and your brain needs a break. And Spring is a great time for that. So enjoy your time off, recharge your batteries, and then come back strong.

Oh, one more ‘Dear Students’- if you see your teacher at the beach lying on towel in their bathing suit, do us a solid and walk away.


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Trevor Muir

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