Why Teachers Hate Group Work and How to Do it Better1 min read

We get it, kids need to collaborate. But have you ever tried to get 4 seven year olds to work together? How about 4 seventeen year olds?!

Let’s talk about group work.

The career-world has rapidly changed in the last few decades, and a student’s need to be able to collaborate has increased dramatically. From law enforcement, the medical field, business, to teaching, collaboration is required to be successful in the 21st century. Unfortunately, the ability to work with others, utilize each other’s skills and strengths, and give strong critical feedback is not something we are born with. Collaboration has to be taught, and that is not always a painless task.

However, there are tools and processes that can make group work in the classroom easier and more effective. That’s what I talk about in this video. Hopefully it can help you make collaboration in your classroom go from something you despise to something your class can’t live without.

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Trevor Muir

I believe every student has the potential for greatness. And I believe every educator can be equipped to unlock that potential.