Failing Sucks (and is so important)1 min read

One of the hardest parts about doing engaging and dynamic projects with your students is the simple fact that it could potentially crash and burn. 

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but when you task your students with creating something meaningful, that goes beyond the walls of the classroom, there is a chance it is not going to end up the way you wanted it to. Sometimes (more than once in my room), it just plain tanks. The deadline isn’t met. Students weren’t that invested. The final products were terrible. You and/or your students are left wanting to curl up into a ball and never do a project again. 

Sometimes ambitious teaching leads to failure. 

And failure sucks. 

But it’s also one of the best things that can happen to teachers, school leaders, students, and people in general. Failure is when the very best, transformational learning happens. In this video, I talk about a project that was an absolute disaster and the incredible learning moment that followed with my students. 

So you’ll see me say this in the video, but I’ll say it here too—

Failing is quite alright. As long as we fail forward.

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Trevor Muir

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