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I am such a huge fan of class contracts and putting your class manifesto, as well as expectations for your students, front and center in your classroom. I want to make it very clear for students what my class is all about.

I designed this one to really set the stage with students for epic learning. I want my students to see themselves as important, dynamic characters in an unfolding story. I want them to see each other that way as well, and treat each other accordingly. Each bullet point on the Epic Class Contract is a commitment students and the teacher can make to do just that.

These contracts are for you to keep for free! Follow the link below to download any of these as a poster to hang in your classroom and school. Hopefully they spur some great discussions with students about what your class is all about.

Also, below is a video that might help with how to talk about each point on the class contract.

Keep making learning epic for your students!

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Trevor Muir

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