My Students Think I’m a Weird Teacher1 min read

I was recently thinking back to all the times my students have told me that I am “weird.” I prefer the term “eccentric,” but I get their point.

If you’re an educator, you know there is no set way to engage your students. Sometimes it requires being goofy. Sometimes it means going the extra mile to build relationships. Sometimes it might mean dressing up and acting out a World War 1 battle. 

This work takes creativity, and it can make us look a bit strange to outsiders.

Teachers are a different breed, and this is evidenced in the fact that we show up to school, day-after-day, to be with our students. To a non-educator, including students, this might seem weird. Why would you want to do this amount of work? Why “deal with kids?” How could you want to be a teacher?

We know we do it out of passion and commitment, and this is why I think we have do embrace being “weird.”

To make my point, I made a fun video for all the reasons I could think of for why students might think we are weird.

Let’s see if you can relate to any of these reasons!

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Trevor Muir

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