Project Based Learning Workshops


Make learning authentic, engaging, and transformational.




Live & Virtual Project Based Learning Workshops

Who is it for?

Any educator wanting to learn how to bring authentic and transformative Project Based Learning into their school and classroom.

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?


Project Based Learning (PBL) at its core is about making learning, content and skills, authentic. PBL is a process that any teacher, in any subject area, can use to add authenticity and real world challenges to the work students accomplish. Using Project Based Learning teachers can help make learning more engaging, memorable, and effective. 

What can I expect from the workshop?

  • During the 1 day workshop, attendees will:

    • Build a strong understanding of Project Based Learning

    • Learn how to brainstorm, design, assess, and execute high quality, standards-based PBL projects

    • Create authentic tasks around pre existing teaching practices, lessons, and units

    • Work directly with Trevor virtually to brainstorm projects for your own school and classes

    • Begin drafting a standards-based PBL project
    • Receive tools and resources to implement PBL

Project Based Learning will help students:

  • Make connections between the content and their community and world

  • Prepare for college and career

  • Develop highly desired “soft skills”

  • Discover a deep and lasting love of learning

What do the workshops look like?

Trevor’s Epic Project Based Learning workshop was developed after years of working in a New Tech project based learning school, as well as his experience as a Buck Institute National Faculty member. Through this engaging and learning-intensive program, Trevor teaches any educator from any grade level how to implement project based learning in their school and classroom.

Epic Project Based Learning (PBL) at its core is about making learning- content and skills- authentic. PBL adds authenticity and real world challenges to the work students accomplish, and in the process making learning more engaging and memorable. This workshop gives concrete methods, practices, and resources to create a standards-based, skills and content rich classroom in an innovative project based learning model.


In the half-day workshop, teachers leave equipped with a strong understanding of what project based learning is and how it can transform their classroom. They will also leave with the tools to brainstorm, plan, and implement projects in their own classes.


Full Day: The goal of the Full Day workshop is for teachers to leave feeling empowered and able to plan and execute projects in their own classrooms. Along with the understanding teachers gain as described in the half-day workshop, participants will begin planning their own projects based on standards from their specific grade level and content areas.

During the Full Day, teachers will

  • Understand ‘main course,’ meaningful project based learning
  • Become familiar with project design, project management, and assessment resources
  • Begin drafting a standards-based PBL project
  • Learn protocols to critique and strengthen their own as well as peers’ projects


2 Day: Building upon the Full Day, teachers will fully plan a project based learning project for their students. Using the provided tools and resources, participants will collaborate with their peers as well as Trevor (workshop facilitator) to design a complete project for their classes. The goal of the 2 Day is for teachers to leave with a fully planned, standards-based project ready for students, as well as confidence to plan further projects outside of the workshop setting.


Consulting/Coaching: Once teachers have a firm grasp on planning, launching, and managing project based learning projects, consulting provides sustained support to deepen PBL practice in the classroom. Trevor meets one-on-one or with small groups of teachers to ensure their success. Consulting is based on the specific needs of teachers, but often covers subjects such as:

  • Brainstorming project ideas
  • Creating authentic connections to content standards
  • Designing authentic assessments
  • In-class coaching on project launches
  • Coaching on project management
  • Project reflection and making iterations

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