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Teach Your Students How to Discuss

I think we sometimes take for granted the skill it takes to take part in good discussion. In a world inundated with technology, distractions, Pokemon Go, odd presidential campaigns, and all of the things that modern society has created to take our attention and divert it to bright screens in the palm of our hands,…

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Don’t Lecture By Yourself

    In 1970, a man named Edward Packard was telling his daughters a bedtime story about a character he made up named Pete. Every night, Pete would encounter different adventures on an isolated island, and Packard would make up an adventure for Pete on the spot. But one night, Edward Packard ran out of things…

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Because of Project Based Learning

Have you ever stood at the front of your class and felt a vibration, an energy pulsing through the room that made you stop thinking about assessments, or parents, or lesson planning, or Language Arts, or anything else that comes with being a teacher, but instead just watched what was happening with wonder? Every now…

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Finding Authentic Audiences for Projects

Authenticity is key in a successful project-based learning environment, and even a traditional learning environment for that matter, and I could write a book about that fact (I actually am working on that book, keep an eye out for it).  But this post is about finding that authentic audience or authentic element for your projects and lessons.…

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Microfinance, Africa, and Paintball Guns

 We did a new project this year in my World History/ELA class.  And it was glorious.  But first a little background. In 1856, the country of Germany began invading a very small kingdom in East Africa called Burundi. They started a century of pillaging the land, harsh violence, political upheaval, and outright stealing of Burundi’s…

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