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Guest Post: Tips for Teachers Looking For a Summer Gig

By Joyce Wilson Summer side-gigs can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look, and while some teachers have the summer months free to do as they please, others have families to support and need extra income when the weather turns warm. It’s important to know all your options, and these days…

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The Hardest Part About Being a Teacher

On my very first day as a teacher, I met a boy named Dave. Dave was that kid who kept his head down in the back of the room and hid behind his long hair and expressionless face. I soon found out that Dave was in foster care, and heard his backstory of abuse and…

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Kids Who Don’t Like Christmas

The two weeks leading up to Christmas Break can be some of the most chaotic times of the year. It’s like there’s a full moon for 14 days in a row while students guzzle 3 two liters of Mountain Dew before walking into your classroom each day. Students can act a little nuts, and in…

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