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Every student has the potential for greatness. I help educators increase student engagement and unlock that potential through my books, speaking, online courses, and blog.





Why I'm passionate about teachers

My name is Trevor and I believe every student has a potential for greatness, and educators hold the key to unlocking that potential by building relationships and crafting learning experiences that are engaging and transformative.

That's why I teach students with Project Based Learning. It’s why I give keynotes, workshops, and write about my work in the classroom and how effective authentic education can be. It’s the reason I presented a TED talk at Tedx San Antonio called "School Should Take Place in the Real World," and write for publications like EdWeek, Edutopia, and WeAreTeachers.

It’s why I run the Facebook page The Epic Classroom, and get to connect with millions of other like-minded educators from all walks of life.

I believe in students, I believe in teachers, and I believe in what school has the potential of being.

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If learning isn't memorable, is it actually learning?

For too long, traditional education has used outdated practices to deliver complex and well-intended content to students with very little hope of that subject matter being retained.

Even the most resilient teachers can get burned out and frustrated by this system. I've been there.  But you can invite your students into a bigger story that makes learning epic, memorable, and reignites your passion for teaching.

If often looks like this:

Lectures are given

Students write the information down

Students take a test on the information

Information is discarded from the brain


Craig Hammond

Executive Director, Nashville Public Schools

"Every teacher wants to have the kind of impact Trevor is talking about."

What does it mean to have an EPIC classroom?

Definition of Epic: 1. A story or narrative centered around a hero 2. Spectacular; impressive; memorable.

Epic Learning uses the power of storytelling and brain science to give educators practical and proven practices to achieve real student engagement. Think about a memory you have from your own school experience. Whether it was dissecting a frog or finally discovering how to solve a problem in algebra, chances are it is a story you can tell.

Stories have this power to stick with us, to create a permanent transformation. And if our goal in school is to make learning stick, why not harness this power?

Educators can intentionally design learning experiences to be stories students remember. Stories with authentic conflict and challenges that students need specific knowledge and skills in order to solve. Learning experiences become stories students can reflect on.

In return, learning that is permanent and memorable. Any teacher, in any subject area, can be empowered to transform their classrooms into settings where students are engaged, challenged, and transformed.

Through Trevor’s books, speaking, and course, you will discover -

  • How to increase student engagement
  • How to lead engaging and effective classroom collaboration
  • How to plan and execute effective high quality project based learning experiences
  • Specific strategies for leading engaged students
  • Outlines and tools to plan, manage, and assess projects
  • Methods to increase academic performance in students
  • How to make learning authentic

Trevor's Books

"I hope that every teacher reads this essential book and brings the ideas inside it to the classroom.  And it would help if every parent bought a copy and sent it in to school with their kids."


Stop Stealing Our Dreams

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Marla Stevens

Teacher, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Trevor made us laugh, made us cry.  And I left with tools to really put his ideas into practice."

Martin Geoghegan

Principal, Norton, Massachusetts

"His ideas flow simply and are easy to incorporate in any school setting"

Kelli Reynolds

Teacher, Greenville, South Carolina

"Trevor delivered such a great reminder about the power we have as educators."

Derek Bailey

Teacher, Los Angeles, California

"I appreciated that this will work in my school.  Our technology is limited and we don't have resources for some of the ideas I often hear from schools.  Trevor's process and principles are universal, and I can't wait to use them in my classroom."

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